Boeing B737 CL Type Rating

B737 Type Rating in UAE

The course is aimed at Pilots who wish to become Type Rated on Boeing B737 CL. It is conducted to EASA Part-FCL regulations.

Our CL level training for B737 Type Rating in UAE consists of both Theoretical and Practical courses to prepare you for your Pilot’s career. We offer you a Professional Instruction together backed with hands-on Practical Training in our B737 FFS Trainer Simulator. It allows Pilots to train more effectively almost as if they were in the real aircraft cockpit and helps fill in the gap between Theoretical and Full Flight Simulator training.

With the high demand for Pilots growing this is the BEST time to get your Type-Rating increasing your potential of getting that dream Airline job as well as upgrading your credentials all at the same time.

During the Course you receive

  • WBT
  • 144 Hours / 18 Days of Airbus Systems Training Ground School.
  • A brand new iPad, CBT, Theoretical Training Materials are all provided to ensure you’re armed with the best to learn effectively.
  • 12 Hours B737 CL FBS for hands-on training.
  • P7 is the only ATO in the world to provide this level of practical training for B737 Type Rating coupled with Theory.
  • 36 Hours Type-Rating Training in a Full Flight Simulator (FFS).

Minimum Training Requirement

  • At least 70 hours as a pilot-in-command of airplanes;
  • Valid multi-engine instrument rating;
  • Certificate of Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) Course completion;
  • ATPL / CPL licence

Students only need Sign-up for the course….

Airline tickets, Visa Fees, Hotel Accommodation, Meals & Transportation are all taken care of by Pier Seven Aviation.
Boeing 737 CL Type Rating

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